1. All catches must be made on regulation tackle.
  2. Entries must be categorized as either angler assisted or angler unassisted.
  3. Unassisted Entries – The angler must hook and fight the fish without any assistance and no other person may touch the rod, reel, or line or assist the angler in any way until the fish is released or brought to gaff.
  4. Assisted Entries – Angler must fight the fish without assistance from any other person and no one may touch the rod, reel or line in any way until the fish is released or brought to gaff. However, only one person other than the angler may perform a dropback, set a hook or do both as long as the possession of the rod, reel, or line is immediately transferred to the angler upon hookup. Angler assisted entries will not be accepted in any of the artificial casting divisions.
  5. Shooting, harpooning or hand lining a fish shall disqualify it for entry. If a fish is mutilated between the time of hooking and handling it will not be eligible for entry.
  6. If any equipment failure offers an advantage to the angler, the fish will be disqualified.
  7. All fish entered in the tournament must be submitted on an official tournament entry form. Failure to complete the entry form in its entirety will disqualify the entry. Angler and witness must each sign their own names and the witness must have been present and seen the fish caught or released.
  8. In order for a species to qualify as a release, the leader, not just the double line, must be touched.
  9. As of January 1, 2007, all Atlantic billfish must be caught on non-offset circle hooks when using natural baits or natural bait/artificial lure combinations.