Doris Harris, Director/Treasurer 

Doris Harris has been involved with the KWFT since the late 80’s. She served as Director from 2001 until 2011 and is back again. Her dedication to the KWFT kept her involved even during her break from director, when she filled the positions of Treasurer and Data Manager. Moving to Key West in 1982 with her Husband, Capt Ken Harris, she competed in the South Florida MET tournament and won Women’s Master Angler aboard their charter boat “Finesse”. She continues to fish many Key West based fishing tournaments and her passion for the KWFT is based on, “The best thing about being a part of the KWFT is the many anglers sharing their fishing experiences with me at the Kickoff and annual awards presentation.”

Judd A. Wise, Chairman

Chairman Judd A. Wise has been a board member since 2000.  Coach Wise as he is known is a 28 year health teacher at Key West High School.  “An avid fisherman, I always fished the Kick-Off and participated in the tournament.  I was given the opportunity to become part of the board and was elected secretary in 2004.  Voted Chairman in 2011, my vision is for more participation and improvement with technology to make our tournament visual worldwide.”

Capt Chuck Weitzel, Vice Chair

Capt Chuck Weitzel has brought his enthusiasm for fishing and the KWFT to the position as Vice Chair. While he has been a member of the board for the last 3 years, he has been fishing and supporting the KWFT for many more. His anglers always have done well when fishing the Tournament with him. When not fishing or conducting KWFT business, he can be found “crunching numbers” in his CPA business. An active member of the complete fishing community, he is one of the primary organizers behind the KW Mason’s Lodge Annual Youth Fishing Day.

Greg Oropeza, Secretary

Greg Oropeza joined the KWFT board of Directors in 2011. Already an accomplished angler, he is also the Tournament Director for the Key West Gator Club Dolphin Derby. Being born and raised in Key West, he left the island to attend FSU’s College of Law and focused his studies in the area of Land Use and Environmental law, earning a Certificate with Honors in Environmental, Land Use and Natural Resource Law. When not conducting KWFT duties or practicing Law he is a member of the Key West Rotary Club, Key West Planning Commission and the Florida Blue Key Alumnus.

Rae Burns, Board Member

Rae Burns began her KWFT career by sitting in for her husband, Capt Jeff Burns, while he was away. Lucky for us, she agreed to fill the position two years ago. She is more than just Secretary for the Board, when not fulfilling her duties for the KWFT, she takes every opportunity that she can to get out and fish herself! She also assists in coordinating other fishing events in the Lower Keys and works closely with the angling resident of the MARC House in Key West.

Capt Rob Harris, Board Member

Capt Rob Harris, has been an active member with the KWFT Board of Directors since 2005. He has held positions as Vice Chairman (2005) and Chairman (06’-10’) taking over the position as Tournament Director in 2011. When not conducting KWFT business or fishing, he is active in Fisheries Management. He currently holds the State of Florida Recreational Representative seat for the South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council’s Snapper/Grouper Advisory Panel. In 2010 he was named as one of three potential candidates forwarded to the US Secretary of Commerce, selected by the Governor of Florida, to a fill Florida’s seat on the South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council.

Capt Dale Bittner, Board Member

Capt Dale Bittner has been on the Board of Directors since 1995, but has been a part of the KWFT much longer. In 1991, he competed for, and won, In-County Master Angler of the tournament. He has held positions of Chairman (3 years) and Vice Chairman. No longer competing in the KWFT as an angler, his charter clients continue to excel while fishing with him. When not on his charter boat, “Bait Stealer”, or on KWFT business, he can be found at BB&T where he is both a Senior Vice President and Area Executive for the Florida Keys. He also serves as the current Treasurer of United Way.