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Criteria for Master Anglers

The Key West Fishing Tournament ‘Master Angler’ title is awarded in each angling category for Men, Women, Junior and Peewee. A title is awarded for both an In County and Out of County angler in each category. The determination of the annual winners of the Key West Fishing Tournament “Master Angler’ will be based on the highest total number of points accumulated by each angler in the following categories:

  • Forty points for each “heaviest species in the tournament’, i.e., heaviest barracuda, heaviest blackfin tuna, heaviest mackerel, etc.
  • Forty points for each “most releases” trophies won, i.e., most sailfish releases, most permit releases, etc.
  • Twenty points for each “division lead fish, i.e., heaviest barracuda on 8 lb. test, heaviest black grouper on plug, etc.
  • Five points per fish, per fine class for each citation awarded for fish meeting minimum weight requirements. A maximum of 200 points is allowed in this point category, i.e., only one barracuda on plug, only one barracuda on 30 lb test, etc.
  • One point per fish, per line class for each release citation awarded for fish meeting the minimum length requirements. A maximum of 40 points is allowed in this point category, i.e. only one kingfish release on fly, only one kingfish release on plug, etc.
  • All Master Anglers must meet a minimal point criteria of 100 pts in order to qualify for Master Angler status.
  • Assisted catches are not considered Master Angler Awards.

Points will only be awarded when properly documented on an official Tournament Entry Form and submitted within the specified time to the Tournament Executive Director. Determination of winning anglers will be made by the Tournament Awards Committee and their decisions will be final. Current angler point totals may be obtained at any time during the on-going tournament by  email to

Key West Fishing Photos

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