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Snowy Grouper Open! 240′ Ban Lifted

The Feds have lifted the ban on fishing for Deep-Water Grouper Complex Species in the South Atlantic which is good news for the Key West Fishing Tournament!

If you look at the species that we recognize for entry, Snowy Grouper and Yellowedge Grouper fill in the “Grouper Other” category.

A couple of reminders: For entry into the KWFT, you cannot use Electric or “Power Assist” reels. Also, there is a new limit for Snowy Grouper. You are only allowed 1 Snowy Grouper per VESSEL.

That is a change from 3 per person, which is what it was the last time we could fish for them.

Key West Fishing Photos

kickoff-day-1-012 img_1465 Skye-grper-5-19-19