The nice thing about the Key West Fishing Tournament is that it lasts for 8 months! If you are fishing in Key West or the Lower Keys…Your catch counts!

The August Standings are posted, but you still have plenty of time to go fishing and submit your entry.


A question I often asked deals with the “Release Division“.

Many anglers see the Release Results and think that all those catches were made in the same day. While many of us wish that was the fact, and in some cases it is, truth be told…Many of those totals are the result of more than one fishing trip. The point being, if you fish 1 day or 100 days…enter your catches. You never know at the end of the year how they add up!

Another reason to enter all of your catches is to compete for the Master Angler Award. Every angler that accrues at least 100 points is automatically considered for Master Angler. Whoever has the most points…Wins!