The Key West Fishing Tournament would like to welcome Dream Catcher Charters aboard as our primary sponsor for 2012!

Capt Steve Lamp and his “fleet” of boats is a perfect match for the format that the Key West Fishing Tournament operates on. From Back Country to Blue Water they cover it all. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to be all about the fishing. They also have combination fishing/snorkeling trips so that you can make the entire family happy!

Capt Steve can’t be in all places at one time, so he’s assembled a Crew of Qualified Captains that he has hand selected and trained for the level of fishing knowledge that he expects. You know that regardless of the trip or boat you select, you are getting one of the highest qualified Captains in the Keys.

Dream Catcher Charters is committed to the success of your fishing experience and our fishery, which is in line with the Key West Fishing Tournament’s philosophy.

Fishing is supposed to be fun, and is best when shared with friends and family. All of the Captains at Dream Catcher Charters are registered with the Key West Fishing Tournament and will assist you with filling out the paperwork to record your catch, be it a weighed catch or released.

We consider ourselves fortunate to call Dream Catcher Charters our Sponsor!