The Key West Fishing Tournament

Sponsored By Dream Catcher Charters

Is proud to announce our NEW Yellowtail Snapper Kick-Off Bonus Division Species!


What is a “Bonus Division Species” for the Key West Fishing Tournament Kick-Off?

In addition to the already set species for the Kick-Off, we will designate Yellowtail Snapper as a separate “Bonus” species.

How will the “Bonus Species” work?

Simply said, the boats that are already fishing in the K/O can pay an additional “Bonus Species” division fee ($50) and they are entered.

The “Bonus Species” entries will be a “Vessel Entry” not angler based, and will be limited to 6 anglers per vessel (boat).

Each “Vessel” will be allowed to enter 1 (one) Yellowtail Snapper per day into the Bonus Division.

The electronic scale at Oceanside Marina will be the ONLY scale used for the Bonus Division weigh-in.

There will be a Key West Fishing Tournament Board of Directors member designated to focus ONLY on Yellowtail Snapper weigh-in.

There will be no Leaderboard for the “Bonus Species”.

Yellowtail Snapper will HAVE to be presented at Oceanside Marina during the same period that the scales are open for the General Kick-off. We will not accept any entries for the “Bonus Division” NOT weighed at Oceanside Marina.

Weights will be recorded by Vessel Name, and signed for by the person presenting the fish for weight on a KWFT form.

  • Signature on the form will indicate that the angler agrees with the stated weight to and will ensure there are no “disputed” weights after the weighing is closed.
  • Angler signature on the form finalizes the weight as the “official weight”.

A copy will be given to the angler, and a copy held by the KWFT.

Winner(s) will be announced AT the Awards Dinner.

There will be No Trophy, only a check presented at the awards dinner.

Do I have to fish both days?

No. You can fish either day or both. But you must fish the same “Lines-In” and “Lines Out” designated for the General Entries into the Kick-Off Event.

Does it have a Starting Payout?

Yes. “Roll Tide Fishing Team” has funded the Bonus Species Division with a starting payout of $300. For every entry, that number increases.

Will it be a 100% payout?

No. We will payout 80% of the total entries.

The KWFT will keep 20% as a donation for the KWFT.

How many Positions will it pay?

It will pay 2 (two) positions.

Top Yellowtail will take 50% of the pool.

And a position, the second paying position, to be named at the Captain’s Meeting after registration and will be based on the number of entries. (ie: 50 entries, we pay 1st place and 25th place).

While you may not have the winning catch, you may have the 25th heaviest (based on the example provided) and still be in the money!

If we based the numbers on the assumption of Twenty (20) boats entered in the “Bonus Division” we would be looking at…

  • Winner receiving $650
  • Next Winner receiving $390

What is the Entry Fee for the “Bonus Division”?


Will there be any exclusions in who can enter the “Bonus Division”?

Yes, head boats will be excluded from eligibility.

There are far too many anglers on a head boat to have 1 (one) Yellowtail entered per day.

Commercially Registered Vessels (regardless of Dual license)

Registration for the “Bonus Division”

You must register at the Captain’s Meeting, April 5th (at the Double Tree Grand Key Resort in Key West) between 6-8pm.

Once registration closes, the field is set.

The total number of “Bonus Species” registrations, 2nd paying position and total amounts to be awarded will be posted on the Key West Fishing Tournament website after the Captain’s Meeting, the 5th of Apr.

Final rules will be briefed at the Captain’s meeting and a copy provided to all registrants.