Jamie Kay Rutherford Lemon Shark


In a landmark decision, the Board of Directors of the Key West Fishing Tournament has taken a step in supporting the protection of our ocean’s Top Predator.

No longer will the Key West Fishing Tournament accept weights for ANY shark species. We will only accept “Releases” of any/all Sharks for entry into the Key West Fishing Tournament.

All Sharks now join Marlin, Sailfish, Tarpon and more as designated “Release Only” species.

Check out our “Minimum Citation Weights and Lengths” page for more info.

  1. Jason…Good catch! Fixed it!

  2. Just want to commend you for your decision to no longer accept weights of any shark. I think that’s fantastic! However, in you’re rules tab, number 5 says you can shoot sharks if the leader is being handled by a crew member.

    Again, way to go and thank you for supporting the ocean’s top predator.