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2018 Peewee Division Results

CODE: H = Heaviest ~ HSR = Heaviest Special Recognition ~ D = Division Leader ~ DSR = Division Special Recognition

Luciano SaccoTroy,MIAmberjackUNL38.8HSRLinda D. VWickers III
Sophia VeachKey West,FLBarracuda30 lb.12.8DSuper GrouperVeach
Murphy NolanBaltimore,MDBarracuda50 lb.15.00HEva MarieAndrews
Dylan TroncaleFulshear,TXBlackfin Tuna20 lb.8.6DUltra Grand SlamJiovani
Finn NolanBaltimore,MDBlackfin Tuna50 lb.10.00HEva MarieAndrews
Sierra SterlingKey West,FLBonito12 lb.9.4DSRReel ConchPrivate
Sophia VeachKey West,FLBonito12 lb.9.00DSuper GrouperVeach
Sierra SterlingKey West,FLBonito20 lb.7.8DSRReel ConchPrivate
Sophia VeachKey West,FLBonito30 lb.12.00HSuper GrouperVeach
Sophia LosierPensacola,FLBonito50 lb.11.00DSRLinda D. VWickers III
Sophia VeachKey West,FLCero Mackerel30 lb.7.00HSuper GrouperVeach
Rusty McKinleyFt. Laud.,FLCobia50 lb.15.8HLive Action SportfishingCarter
Janalee WickersKey West,FLDolphin20 lb.15.4DLinda D. VWickers III
Luke BrownRotonda West,FLDolphin30 lb.22.8HOuter LimitsMiller
William Wickers IVKey West,FLDolphin50 lb.11.8DLinda D. VWickers III
Sophia VeachKey West,FLMangrove Snapper12 lb.4.3HSuper GrouperVeach
Nixen HammPekin,ILMangrove Snapper20 lb.3.8DLive Action SportfishingCarter
Sophia VeachKey West,FLMutton Snapper12 lb.11.00DSuper GrouperVeach
Rusty McKinleyFt. Laud.,FLMutton Snapper20 lb.12.00HLive Action SportfishingCarter
Sophia VeachKey West,FLMutton Snapper30 lb.10.4DSuper GrouperVeach
Rusty McKinleyFt. Laud.,FLMutton Snapper50 lb.12.00DLive Action SportfishingCarter
Ryan OgletreeLantana,TXPermit20 lb.16.00HLive Action SportfishingCarter
Sophia VeachKey West,FLPermit30 lb.14.00DSuper GrouperVeach
Sophia VeachKey West,FLRed Grouper30 lb.7.00HSuper GrouperVeach
Sierra SterlingKey West,FLRed Grouper50 lb.10.00HSRReel ConchPrivate
Sophia VeachKey West,FLRed Snapper30 lb.9.00HSuper GrouperVeach
Rusty McKinleyFt. Laud.,FLYellowjack20 lb.9.00DLive Action SportfishingCarter
Sierra SterlingKey West,FLYellowjack30 lb.3.00DReel ConchPrivate
Rusty McKinleyFt. Laud.,FLYellowjack50 lb.10.00HLive Action SportfishingCarter
Sierra SterlingKey West,FLYellowtail Snapper12 lb.3.12HReel ConchPrivate
Maximus O'ConnellLakeland,FLYellowtail Snapper20 lb.3.12DLinda D. VWickers III


Key West Fishing Photos

Rob with Dolphin Matt Graf with Released Gag Grouper IMG_0502