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2017 Peewee Division Results

Unofficial Results as of June 30, 2017

CODE: H = Heaviest ~ HR = Heaviest Record ~ HSR = Heaviest Special Recognition
D = Division Leader ~ DSR = Division Special Recognition
Ryan ReaSummerland Key,FLBarracuda20 lb.15.00HSting ReaRea
Sophia VeachKey West,FLBonito30 lb.16.00HSuper GrouperVeach
Skye SterlingKey West,FLDolphin8 lb.9.2DReel ConchPrivate
Skye SterlingKey West,FLDolphin12 lb.13.00DReel ConchPrivate
Skye SterlingKey West,FLDolphin20 lb.15.8DSRReel ConchPrivate
Ryan ReaSummerland Key,FLDolphin20 lb.4.00DSting ReaRea
Sophia VeachKey West,FLDolphin30 lb.22.4HSuper GrouperVeach
Ryan OgletreeLantana,TXGag Grouper20 lb.5.00HChasin TailsCarter
Ryan OgletreeLantana,TXGag Grouper50 lb.5.00DChasin TailsCarter
Ryan ReaSummerland Key,FLGrouper, Other50 lb.8.00HSting ReaRea
Ryan OgletreeLantana,TXJack Crevalle20 lb.5.00HChasin TailsCarter
Ryan OgletreeLantana,TXMangrove Snapper20 lb.3.00HChasin TailsCarter
Sophia VeachKey West,FLMutton Snapper30 lb.5.2HSuper GrouperVeach
Ryan OgletreeLantana,TXRed Grouper20 lb.4.00HChasin TailsCarter
Sophia VeachKey West,FLRed Snapper30 lb.10.8HSuper GrouperVeach
Ryan OgletreeLantana,TXYellowjack20 lb.12.00HChasin TailsCarter
Sydney ThompsonWoodbury,MNYellowjack30 lb.12.00DReel EasyJackson
Ryan OgletreeLantana,TXYellowjack50 lb.8.00DChasin TailsCarter

Key West Fishing Photos

Chris Marler 33.4lb Permit kwft-2012-awards-dinner-098 2014 KWFT Kick-Off